All about ski and snowboard classes at SKI-INN

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It’s not much fun being in Amsterdam if you love to ski or snowboard. After all, we are unlikely to ever get enough snow, let alone mountains. At SKI-INN we offer ski and snowboard classes from absolute beginner to very advanced. The customized surface replicates the feel of real snow, and the slope can be angled between 10 and 18 degrees. SKI-INN is the perfect way to enjoy skiing year round or train before you head out on your next ski trip!

Each class with SKI-INN is about 30 minutes long. You have 10 minutes and off.  Continuous skiing in our facility is like covering a distance of approx. 55,000 vertical feet. This is made possible by our revolving slopes, which is similar to how a treadmill works. The revolving slopes are made with soft nylon fiber carpet, which may feel slightly different but will still require the same techniques, as if you are on the actual thing, nonetheless. There are mirrors in your front or at the base of the slope, which will provide you with immediate feedback about how you perform. It’s hard to estimate how many classes you need as we dont know your ability to learn techniques. And also, we don’t know the level of proficiency you want’to achieve. But we do know that 10 classes are approx. one week of snow instruction.

    • First-time skiers will learn the basics of turning, slowing, and stopping
    • Experienced skiers can brush up on their skills

Classes are with a maximum of 4 persons. You either ski or snowboard 3 x 10 minutes with someone else. These 30 minutes are equivalent to half a day in the snow. We cannot book ski and snowboard together.

Children under the age of 13 cannot be booked alone, so you book 2 classes if you want these for one child aged 5 to 12 years old. We advise parents to join their kids’ classes. Helmets are available and obligatory for children until the age of 13.

How to purchase and book classes: all classes need to be paid in advance via our website. After your payment we book your class(es). If you want to be sure that the time/date of your preference is available, please call us prior to your purchase.

    • We take the age (children/adults), (indoor) experience and sports (skiing / snowboard) in to account when booking your classes.
    • All classes have a preset validity as mentioned on our website, so keep that in mind!
    • All classes are personal and not transferable to someone else
    • Class(es) once paid cannot be refunded.

For bookings please call 020– 618 1234. If we cannot answer, leave a voice message or mail at 

Cancellation policy: please be advised all classes are subject to our 48-hour cancellation policy. You can you cancel your class not less than 48-hours’ notice, before the reserved appointment date and time. Please notify us via mail or phone. If you are calling off hours, leave a voice message. All voicemails are time stamped.

Equipment: all equipment is provided, thus classes include the use of skis or snowboards, boots, poles, helmets and a fully qualified instructor. Bringing of own shoes and helmets equipment is permitted, although keep in mind that using your own skis and snowboard is not as these need specifically designed for use in our slopes.

Clothing: we advise long sleeved shirts, pants and socks. If you do not have ski socks, running,  field hockey or soccer socks are fine. You do not need warm clothing as it is not cold at SKI-INN as there is no snow !

Opening hours:

April 1st – September 1st low season -> Monday + Sunday night, Wednesday morning and evening. 

September 1st – April 1st peak season -> 7 days a week 7 AM to 23 PM

Gift: If you want to give one or more classes as a gift you handle this online. Please purchase in the name of the receiver, whilst using your own contact details (telephone and email). This way we cannot contact the receiver before you have given the gift.

Safety: skiing and snowboarding has risks. We will do everything we can to overcome injuries. You will always be supervised by an instructor. Classes are at own risk. SKI-INN accepts no liability towards the client for any damage whatsoever as mentioned in our ‘algemene voorwaarden’ (sales conditions).

Photo/video: You may take photos and videos of yourself, family, partner and so on. It is forbidden share of photos and videos on social media of private individuals (instructors, clients, etcetera’s).

COVID-19: SKI-INN will imply with Government rules and regulations in regards to COVID-19. You will be notified and/or instructed accordingly.i